Qubica, synthesis of shape and technology.

Those who love cooking and want to surprise their guests can find in Qubica the benefit of the Heko technology given in only 90x90 cm. This is the winning formula to share with your guests the gourmet art secrets. Flexibility to the cube. Pure shapes, essential lines, innovative technology.

Qubica is a versatile kitchen in every sense. Thanks to the four wheels, Qubica is lightweight, easy to handle and can be positioned anywhere. Simple to connect, thanks to a single power supply socket.
Qubica is versatile and perfect in every context: in the restaurant for a show cooking up to the edge of the pool for the most exclusive parties; from the most demanding and spectacular catering service up to the role of protagonist in the private kitchen of every gourmand.
Qubica changes clothes in seconds. You can choose the coating in a wide variety of colors and textures in addition to carbon fiber that characterizes the zero model; the replacement of the panels is quick and simple to offer the opportunity to adapt your Qubica to any situation.