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is a company that specialises in creating and producing built-in electric induction kitchen units with high-energy savings and low operating costs

Our products


Heko Smart Kitchen @Chic Nonna Firenze

Today we take you with us to Florence, more precisely to Chic Nonna Firenze the starred restaurant of chef Vito Mollica located inside the famous Palazzo Portinari Salviati, Beatrice's birthplace and, later, residence of Cosimo I de' Medici.

Heko @Hotel Cortina

Gianluca Beltramini chef de cuisine at the Hotel Cortina in Cortina d'Ampezzo, chose the quality of our Heko Smart Kitchens, and we had the pleasure of interviewing him.

HEKO manufactures tailor-made products, customised according to the customer’s needs  and requirements.

A specialised team studies and analyses the speci­c needs and carries out custom-made solutions with high-performance equipment.
The technology of Heko kitchen units transforms  the kitchen working environment thanks  to excellent energy performances, which  are monitored by a computerised system,  and to shapes and materials, which guarantee  the utmost hygiene.

The solidity and reliability of Heko kitchen units  is guaranteed by a reinforced structure,  a 5-mm-thick stainless steel worktop and high  quality electronics.
Heko sets the benchmark for energy saving  and respect for the environment. HEKO is a “Made in Italy” product.