Consumption Optimization

A number of interlinked factors enable a reduction in energy consumption costs which justifies choosing to buy Heko high-performance built-in kitchen units. Benefits include the real time computerised management of individual cooking appliances which have been installed in the built-in kitchen unit and a broader and more complete management which includes the built-in kitchen unit's external appliances such as ovens, dishwashers and any wellness areas.



Energy Manager

Energy Manager is a real-time computerised electricity monitoring and management system which allows the electricity absorption in the kitchen and outside of the kitchen (i.e. the wellness area) to be monitored.

Heko Control

With the Heko Control system, it is possible to: carry out the initial installation test; perform the test to check that the appliances are working correctly; customise and extend operating programmes; update software; control energy consumption; have programmed assistance for any maintenance work; adjust and customise the energy optimisation system.