Pasta Cooker

Heko pasta cookers are appliances which offer many functions such as regeneration, boiling, low-temperature cooking, steaming and keeping food warm. Heko pasta cookers are distinguished by their high energy savings and very-high quality materials which, when combined with electronic technology, make this appliance unique.


Technology and materials

The Heko pasta cookers are fitted with a robust 2-mm thick AISI 316 stainless steel tub and have not been pressed but handmade in order to ensure that all surfaces have the same thickness. The tub is thermally insulated in order to prevent unnecessary heat loss and thereby, increase energy savings. The Heko pasta cookers are fitted with an automatic system which fills and replenishes evaporated water. The “MAT” system automatically regulates the temperature according to how the pasta cooker is being used, whilst preventing unnecessary energy consumption when the appliance is not being used. The tub has been designed to make completely emptying it of water after cooking much easier as the water can flow into the special overflow drain. The machine is managed via a touchscreen control panel.


Electronic heat management

The Heko pasta cooker is equipped with multiple advanced electronic systems for controlling the power and heat distribution required for cooking, which greatly affects the overall energy savings. The HS (Heated Storage) system and the MCH (Moving Connective Heat) system are the result of research and technical tests designed to maximally optimise the electrical consumption without affecting the production capacity and the final quality of the product to be cooked.


The heating element

The Heko pasta cooker’s heating element is undoubtedly the focus of the appliance's whole operating system. The heating element's alloy type and its elements allow the appliance to heat up extremely quickly and the temperature to be controlled. This has been designed to ensure both that the heating element is working correctly and the final quality of the product being cooked.