Multifunctional bratt pan

The Heko bratt pans (multifunctional recessed pans) are appliances with many possible functions: sautéing, roasting and braising meat or fish and preparing stews, ragù, sauces, risottos, purées and jams. The robust tub is made entirely of stainless steel and has been manually produced. Heko bratt pans are distinguished by their high energy savings and very-high quality materials which, when combined with electronic technology, make this appliance unique. 


Technology and materials

The Heko bratt pans are exceptional cooking appliances and the result of many cooking trials and thorough assessments regarding the choice of materials. Thanks to the multi-layered bottom and the special alloy sides, the heat is transferred in a uniform and constant manner in order to flawlessly cook the products. Due to this process (HS), the heat transfer is calibrated in order to considerably reduce the energy consumption. The cooked product is retrieved via a hole at the bottom of the tub (after removing the Teflon drain) which leads into the underlying compartment. The bratt pan's flat level lid has been created in order to serve as a supporting surface when the appliance is not use.