Fry Top

The multifunctional Heko FryTops are innovative appliances for cooking food directly on plates or indirectly via pots. Heko FryTops are distinguished by their high energy savings and very-high quality materials which, when combined with electronic technology, make this appliance unique.


Technology and materials

The particular “sandwich” construction gives the FryTop many extra benefits: The temperature can be set extremely quickly thanks to the resistors countersunk into the metal, which make the values remain constant, in turn ensuring that the products are optimally cooked with of their organoleptic properties being preserved. The titanium hob has a maximum operating temperature of 300°C and will maintain its integrity even after a possible thermal shock. The titanium surface makes cleaning considerably easier and does not release any potentially harmful substances.


Multifunctional plate

The cooking plate can also be used as a pot hob thanks to its flat and nondeformable surface.  


Energy Logic intelligent cooking

The electronic temperature control and the characteristics of the materials used allow for an “intelligent” cooking, by choking the energy only where it is needed.